Richard Gere donates to Livengrin Foundation for Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Richard Gere Gives to Livengrin

Richard Gere went method after filming “Franny” in Philadelphia last year. In “Franny,” Gere plays a philanthropist and addict who embeds himself in the lives of a young couple, played by Dakota Fanning and Theo James (who just hit box-office gold this weekend as Four, the male lead in “Divergent”). I hear that Gere donated an undisclosed amount of money […]

NBC10 Philadelphia spoke to Livengrin's webmaster and others about prescription pill addiction.

Solving Opioid Addiction Crisis: No Silver Bullet

With the non-medical use of opioid drugs reaching epidemic levels in the United States, medical officials are discussing the many things needed to help stem the problem. Heroin and prescription drug use in the Philadelphia area are approaching record highs. NBC10′s Lu Ann Cahn spoke to experts and a recovering drug addict, Livengrin’s Ryan Roth, […]

Livengrin weighs in on marijuana decriminalization and drug rehab and treatment.

The Health Care “Middle Ground” on Decriminalization

Livengrin Foundation encourages communication and education on addiction issues. Both our YouTube page and overall mission are health care-oriented and the Foundation reserves the right to edit or delete public comments that express political or cultural, rather than healthcare, views. A veteran Livengrin counselor provides the treatment perspective on the evolving cultural and legal shifts […]

Garret Reid's death proves drug and alcohol addiction can touch all persons lives.

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone

In the fall of 2012, an autopsy confirmed the drug-related death of the son of an NFL coach. It’s unfortunate that awareness about addiction issues arises in the public square due to a death or other tragedy involving someone with a degree of celebrity. When that happens, Livengrin is often called upon to provide perspective […]

Livengrin provides treatment for addiction to heroin and other narcotics.

Educating the Public’s Perceptions

Two men who had been treated for drug addiction lost their lives in the late summer of 2012. One was an unknown, regular young adult. The other, the son of an NFL coach with a level of celebrity. In both cases, they had returned to drugs that overpowered their defenses. Livengrin is often called upon […]

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