Are you or a loved one suffering with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol?

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Equine Assisted Therapy at NJ Farm Helping Recovering Addicts

"When the patients go back to Livengrin for their psychotherapy, it's changing the way they're communicating. It gives them confidence and it's a confidence they're going to need when they go back to their lives and their jobs and families," Scott Blacker of the Livengrin Foundation said.

Many Rehabs in Palm Beach Florida Are Dangerous

NBC News uncovers the sad truth about the billion-dollar drug…

WHYY Voices in the Family

The news can sound dire. Opioid addiction is ruining families…


Livengrin completely changed my life back in June. I was admitted by my wife for narcotic abuse. The staff at the facility helped me through a very difficult time. I will never forget everyone’s kindness, professionalism, and patience. Thanks to your help I am able to enjoy time with my wife and children. My business has done a complete 360. Thank you Livengrin Staff. God bless you all!

Glenn R.
Glenn R.

Just a note to everyone who helped me through my rehab. I am fine and well, approaching my 6th month of sobriety, and very grateful to each and every one of you for helping me make that happen. Thank you.

Tanya S.
Tanya S.

This is an amazing place for those serious about recovery. Thank you to all of the staff techs as well as my counselor! I’ll never forget all you guys did to make my sobriety possible.

Tyler S.
Tyler S.

Help people find the gift of recovery.

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Livengrin premieres 50th Anniversary Video. Join us in celebrating a half century of addiction treatment and recovery.

Richard Gere donates to Livengrin Foundation for Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Richard Gere donates to Livengrin during filming of Franny in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles honor Livengrin and Board Member Steve Leckerman with 2014 Community Quarterback Award

Philadelphia Eagles honor Livengrin and board member Steve Leckerman with the Community Quarterback Award