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Medications To Help You Stop Drinking & Drug Use

While there are no easy ways to battle Substance use Disorder (SUD) there are different medications available to assist in the therapeutic process. Chances are that your problems didn’t start overnight and for most people we see come through our doors, they have been abusing drugs and alcohol for years. drugs-to-stop-drinking.

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Does Drinking Improve Your Mood? Finding Happiness…

Exercise Is Forest Gump’s Solution Having a bad day? Perhaps your world just feels a bit heavier these days and you just can’t figure out why. The solution for some folks has been to reach for a drink when things get tough. What about when you had a particular good day and you wish to share that excitement with others? Can your moods be enhanced or altered by drinking? This study published by the National Institute of Health looks at Alcohol, Moods and Male-Female Differences. It finds that although a particular mood may be the motivator for a person to party or “Get Drunk”, neither men nor women who drink heavily effectively drown their sorrows with alcohol. So certain moods do influence drinking behavior but ultimately there can be many excuses a person uses to rationalize their desire to drink. Breaking the drinking habit just gets tougher the more your rely on alcohol. So what can you do “when **IT” really hits the fan? Are your pursuing healthier habits that bring happiness? Well Forest Gump used some exercise when things got tough for him. Here are three more suggestions that will change your mood rather than reaching for a [...]

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