Help to Fight Addiction

It Takes a Community Effort to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

This is a “Call To Action” to fight drug addiction in your community. We have all seen Governor Tom Wolf and Governor Christie discussing the tragic conditions we all face with The Opioid Epidemic. Our state legislators have been passing bills to help fund various programs but we need you to get active too. Read more

Bucks County Rehab Reviews Recovery Houses

After Inpatient Rehab or Detox, Where Do I Go?

On many occasions, our clients will benefit from living arrangements that minimize Bucks County Rehab Reviews Recovery Housesexposure to the people, places and things that may trigger a relapse into addiction. Livengrin provides our clients with a very strong foundation for recovery through our inpatient treatment programs. We offer a safe and protected environment during the first few weeks of this type of treatment. But what about beyond those first 28 days? Often we suggest an intensive outpatient program or a more lenient Read more

WHYY Voices in the Family

The news can sound dire. Opioid addiction is ruining families and taking lives at an ever increasing rate. In this roundtable discussion, Dr. Gottlieb brings together Livengrin Board member Bruce Murray and wife Ginny, a clinician, researcher, family members and individuals in recovery to go beyond the headlines and look at what is working to bring addicts into treatment. They discuss some interventions and evaluation of treatment as well as dealing with the grief of losing a loved one to the disease. Plus, a conversation with individuals who are in recovery and working to offer hope and help to others.

Livengrin's Center City Office will experience changes in hours and programs during The World Meeting of Families

World Meeting of Families Center City Schedule

Livengrin’s Center City Office will have a modified schedule during these events.

  • Wednesday, 9/23 & Thursday 9/24
  • Livengrin – Center City WILL BE OPEN
  • All services will be scheduled at their regular times.
  • Please plan accordingly, to accommodate the increased volume in the city due to the World Meeting of Families.
  • Friday, 9/25
  • Livengrin – Center City WILL BE CLOSED
  • Day GOP will be re-scheduled to Wednesday 9/23/15 at 10:00AM
  • All individual sessions and assessments will be rescheduled earlier in the week.
  • Monday, 9/28
  • Livengrin – Center City Office WILL OPEN LATE AT 1:00PM
  • Day IOP will be scheduled from 1:00PM to 3:30PM
  • Evening IOP will be scheduled at the regular time (6:00PM to 8:30PM). Individual sessions and assessments will be scheduled by appointment.

Download a flyer highlighting these changes.

Penn Medicine and Livengrin announce partnership

Penn Medicine & Livengrin Announce Partnership

Livengrin is pleased to announce the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) as its newest clinical training partner. With this new partnership, Livengrin will be participating in a ground-breaking program in clinical training for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), who will be learning how to provide the highest quality care for patients struggling with addiction.

“Growing the ranks of APRNs is an important way to increase the base of primary care providers in this country. In the past, the cost of clinical training has limited the ability of hospitals and other healthcare providers to accept more APRN students into their settings for clinical training. The primary goal…is to increase the provision of qualified training to APRN students. The clinical training included in this demonstration will provide APRNs with the clinical skills necessary to provide primary care, preventive care, transitional care, chronic care management, and other services…”

Read more about the initiative: Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration | Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation

Livengrin in Philadelphia Inquirer on Donovan McNabb DUI Arrest

Livengrin on Donovan McNabb DUI Arrest

McNabb arrest shines light on repeat DUIs

Last month, for the second time in 18 months, former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was arrested in Arizona for driving under the influence. According to police investigators, McNabb was caught driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.171 percent, twice the legal limit. In a video of his arrest, McNabb contends he was on cold medication.

McNabb’s arrest shines a spotlight on the issue of repeat DUIs.

“Anyone can have one DUI,” said Helen Weigand, director of DUI services at Livengrin Foundation, a nonprofit addiction-recovery center based in Bensalem, who lost her 22-year-old daughter 20 years ago to a crash involving a drunken driver. “You don’t have to be an alcoholic or have a drinking problem. You just have to make a bad choice.

“But more than one DUI, along with other behavioral problems – that’s when you need to seriously look at things.”
Experts say most people who drink and drive do so many times before they are caught.

Read the full article on The Inquirer’s website

Jim Nestor, Michael Parmenter and Mike Yaeger of Livengrin's First Responders Addiction Treatment visited Oso to speak with those affected by the mudslide

Livengrin’s First Reponders Travel to Oso

Three retired first responders who now work with communities struck by tragedy visited Arlington, Oso and Darrington to share advice with people affected by last year’s deadly Oso mudslide.

Jim Nestor, Michael Parmenter and Mike Yaeger are giving four private presentations, three for first responders and one for families. The speakers also are meeting with people one-on-one or in small groups.

Nestor, 62, spent 10 years as a police officer in Pennsylvania and 25 with the New Jersey State Police Employee Assistance Program. Now he’s the administrator of the First Responders Addiction Treatment Program under the nonprofit Livengrin Foundation. The program focuses on helping police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, 911 operators and combat veterans address addiction, depression and other challenges.

Parmenter, FRAT program coordinator, was a New Jersey state trooper and retired as a lieutenant after 26 years. He worked for a time as a homicide detective and later with the employee assistance program.

Yaeger, 63, is a retired battalion chief from the Philadelphia Fire Department. He initiated a suicide prevention program there. He saw 49 line-of-duty deaths over 41 years and was one the firefighters rescued by helicopter from the roof of a blazing 38-story building during the 1991 Meridian fire that killed three firefighters.

“What happens after a disaster is the community gets a lot of help, and the first responders get kind of put to the side,” Nestor said.

“We learned from 9/11 that the first responders expand beyond the typical police and fire,” Nestor said.

At the World Trade Center, they were crane operators and iron workers. In Oso, they were loggers, heavy- equipment operators and neighbors. When disaster strikes, there’s no keeping people out, Parmenter said.

There’s a culture among first responders, Yaeger said: “You go down the hall.”

The phrase comes from row houses where, during a fire, the narrow hallways are hazardous. The danger doesn’t matter. First responders go down the hall.

That culture can lead to people feeling they are tough enough, or need to be tough enough, to not ask for help. They think they’re OK and keep pushing forward.

That’s denial, Yaeger said, and it can be dangerous.

People get “emotional hangovers.” Trauma lingers like a pounding headache. For first responders, every new emergency call can trigger memories of a disaster.

“You have to develop a network of people in that culture who want to talk about things,” Yaeger said. “You’ve got to get it going. Until then, it’s pull up the bootstraps, ‘I’m OK,’ another stone in the bucket until it overflows.”

“We’re here because, for these people, recovery is lifelong,” Nestor said. “It’s like grieving. You’re going to grieve for the rest of your life, hopefully in a healthy way.

For help
To learn about individual, group or family counseling related to the Oso mudslide, people can contact Kerry Fitzgibbons at 360-348-8148.

– Courtesy of The Herald of Everett, Washington

Read the complete article…

Time Magazine: Why America Can’t Kick Its Painkiller Problem

The June 15 issue of Time Magazine features a cover story highlighting a problem addressed and combatted by Livengrin Foundation for many years. Why America Can’t Kick Its Painkiller Problem is a stark look at the epidemic sweeping our nation. Time reports that “9.4 million Americans take opioids for long-term pain and 2.1 million are estimated by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) to be hooked.” Livengrin provides professional, accessible and successful treatment options for those suffering from the disease of addiction. Our team has intimate knowledge of the challenges facing persons addicted to prescription pain killers, with or without chronic pain, and we encourage these persons to contact us to receive the information and support necessary to live a healthy, productive life.

Read the Article: Why America Can’t Kick Its Painkiller Problem

Note: The Time Magazine article hyperlinked in the article is behind a pay wall, so if you don’t have a subscription to Time, you will have to pay to read it.

Livengrin Foundation's annual Ride for Recovery is a motorcycle and bicycle poker run which supports recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism

Ride for Recovery 11 Registration Opens

Registration for the 11th Annual Ride for Recovery is Now Open!

The Ride for Recovery is an annual motorcycle poker run and family picnic which raises awareness and funds to provide treatment to those in need.

This year the Ride for Recovery will take place on May 31, 2015. The motorcycle poker run will begin at 9:00AM. Bicycle ride registration starts promptly at 7:00AM. The family picnic commences at 11:00AM.

The 11th annual Ride for Recovery will take place on Livengrin Foundation’s main campus in Bensalem, PA.

Last year the Ride raised over $90,000 for patient care and services. Over 1,200 attendees and 300+ motorcycles enjoyed food and fun with friends. Additionally, Livengrin provided over $20,000 in cash and prizes.

This year we add a bicycle ride to the long list of upgrades! Also, we will be raffling off a 2015 Harley Davidson Softail Slim. If you win, choose the cash prize instead of the bike and receive $10,000! Prizes will also be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Online registration is open for attendees, bikers, riders, and raffle ticket purchases.

To register to ride, purchase raffle tickets, attend the picnic, visit the new Ride page at