Livengrin provides medical drug and alcohol detoxification.

For some patients, the first step in treatment may be a detoxification period, in which the symptoms of withdrawal are medically managed and minimized over a period of days. This is conducted in a separate medical unit, supervised by experienced nurses and physicians.

Breaking a dependency doesn’t happen in a few days of detox – it’s a first step that leads to other levels of care.

While a patient certainly can feel badly during the detox process, in almost all cases pain is managed with pharmaceutical therapies that lessen (if not eliminate) discomfort.

With the help of the nurses and therapists, detox patients are given some new coping tools and ideas that help them manage this important transition that cleanses the body of toxins.

Detox patients participate in their own group and individual counseling sessions, dining hours, and other activities.

It’s important that a detox patient be engaged with the process they’re going through. Educational groundwork can help patients alleviate their fears, get answers to questions about what they can expect, and learn about their medications.

The rehab clinical staff visits detox to talk about the early phases of recovery. Additionally, there are meetings with patients who are close to leaving rehab, who bring their own experience and new perspective to the detox patients.

We give help and hope to the family of the detox patient as well. Specialized services provide education about why and how their loved one has become addicted, and how to begin their own recovery.

Following detox, patients may be transferred to rehab for the next step on the road to recovery.

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