Livengrin provides dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

People who suffer from an addiction are often susceptible to mental health problems.

Duel Diagnosis Treatment Centers

It is estimated that, of the 2 million Americans with severe mental illness, about half are also abusing illicit drugs or alcohol. There are many cases of overlapping dependencies as well. Chemical dependency can cover up a serious psychiatric illness, while depression can disguise a substance-use disorder. Sometimes, patients deliberately “allow” treatment for their mental health in order to avoid confronting their drug abuse.

Our clinical staff is experienced in dealing with the ways in which mental health disorders can be aggravated, or hidden, by substance abuse. Each patient works with a highly trained counselor to examine the life-circumstances and history of choices that may be mixing with mental health challenges, and to develop the skills to avoid relapse in a world full of pressures.

Those challenged by substance abuse and a co-occurring psychiatric disorder can have their multiple needs addressed. The dual diagnosis program combines the addiction-treatment process that contributes to rehabilitation for dependency with the appropriate therapeutic approaches for mental health.

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