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Drug Alcohol Evaluation Partner DUI Classes

One of the most hazardous aspects of substance abuse in our society is apparent every day. People are killed and maimed on our streets by those driving under the influence (DUI) on drugs and alcohol. Tens of thousands of people are affected each year.

DUI Services from Livengrin help keep our roads and communities safer.

DUI Services Help Keep Your Courts Moving (CRN Evaluation/ASI/Alcohol Highway Safety)

Local and regional authorities in Pennsylvania turn to Livengrin to evaluate and educate offenders as they go through the legal system with the goal of helping those drivers avoid continued recidivism.

Our Court Reporting Network (CRN) assessment process works within court mandated fee structures to provide fair, efficient, and thorough client assessment for court review. Livengrin can also provide integrated private, secure, 24/7 access for lawyers, probations, corrections, judges, and other court officers to keep tabs on their DUI case loads.

Program Overview
The Livengrin DUI program is highly respected statewide for experienced, progressive ideas and a determination to make a difference.

Our DUI school model and credentialed facilitators foster a driver’s understanding of legal and moral responsibility while in a positive, non-judgmental environment. Most of those attending do so as part of a court ruling, but the drunk driving classes and group sessions are open to anyone.

The DUI program elicits drivers’ comprehension and acceptance of their responsibility to stay sober, and provides useful tools for relapse prevention. Attendance at victim impact panels offers dramatic exposure to the suffering of those whose lives have been forever changed by impaired drivers.

Evaluations are available by appointment, in which a trained professional works with the judicial system to determine what program will be most helpful to both first-time and chronic offenders.

The Livengrin DUI program reaches out to parts of the community that are often culturally isolated due to language and other barriers, and conducts DUI programs in Spanish and Russian as well as English. Our DUI staff also works with area schools and programs to communicate to young drivers the critical message about avoiding the mix of alcohol, drugs, and cars.


DUI Services:

Court Reporting Network (CRN)
The CRN evaluation is required for all DUI offenders in the State of Pennsylvania. The CRN evaluation is a pre-screening tool used to determine if you will be referred for a more comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment. It is also used as a statistical tool for Pennsylvania. Evaluators are certified through the PA DUI Association under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Drug and Alcohol Assessment
A Drug and Alcohol Assessment is required for DUI offenders if the CRN recommends it or it is court ordered. The assessment is a diagnostic tool that is used to determine the appropriate treatment that is required by law.

Alcohol Highway Safety School (AHSS)
AHSS is a 12.5 hour course that is required by law that focuses on how alcohol and controlled substances metabolize and effect decision making, including driving skills. Instructors are certified through the PA DUI Association under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Outpatient Education/Treatment
These educational sessions are designed to help the DUI offender gain insight into their behavior while improving decision making.



Elizabeth Leasure
DUI Transfers (out of county and state)

Veronica Harvey
Administrative Assistant DUI


Relapse: Tools are available to help prevent backsliding.

Critical: Avoid mixing alcohol, drugs, and cars.

Legal: Livengrin works with judicial systems to evaluate the best program for offenders.

Men and women, 18-60 in the following groups:

  • Substance Use Disorder and co-occuring mental health disorders
  • First responders and veterans
  • Healthcare professionals

Men and women, 18-26 who have numerous treatment experiences with AMICare.

Call an intake counselor to find out about your coverage and benefits – 800.245.4746. Or fill out the Livengrin Verification Form. Even if you or your loved one is not ready to come in, it’s good to start the planning process. We can help you learn what your plan will cover, your deductible balance, and any other out of pocket expenses. Livengrin can also help you find resources to obtain coverage or funding, through county, Medicaid, or even commercial insurance. Livengrin is an "in-network" provider with most major commercial insurance plans.

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“I was forced by the court to go to Livengrin DUI classes and was dreading it as I was already embarrassed and dealing with other consequences. Surprisingly, the instructor related very well to the class and did not judge us, and gave us ways to avoid this situation again.”

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BY THE NUMBERS: Alcohol abuse alone is estimated to cost American society $185 billion a year. (NIDA)
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