Livengrin provides services to the community in response to DUI and alcoholism.

Responding to the DUI problem.

One of the most hazardous aspects of substance abuse in our society is apparent every day.

People are killed and maimed on our streets by those driving under the influence. Many thousands of people are affected each year.

Our DUI services are among the most comprehensive in the region. Local and regional authorities turn to us to educate offenders as they go through the legal system, with the goal of helping those drivers avoid continued poor judgment or addiction. The administrator of our DUI programs is a highly respected professional known statewide for progressive ideas and a determination to make a difference.

Our driving-under-influence education model and credentialed facilitators bring about a driver’s understanding of legal and moral responsibility. Most of those attending drug and alcohol classes do so as part of a court ruling, but these DUI classes and group sessions are open to anyone.

The DUI program elicits drivers’ comprehension and acceptance of their responsibility to stay sober, and provides useful tools for relapse prevention. Attendance at victim impact panels offers dramatic exposure to the suffering of those whose lives have been forever changed by impaired drivers.

Evaluations are available by appointment, in which a trained professional works with the judicial system in determining what program will be most helpful to both first-time and chronic offenders.

Our DUI program reaches out to parts of the community that are often culturally isolated due to language and other barriers, and conducts DUI programs in Spanish and Russian as well as English. Our DUI staff also works with area schools and programs to get across to young drivers the critical message about avoiding the mix of alcohol, drugs, and cars.

To contact the DUI program, call 215-638-5266.