Today’s First Responders should not be lost to a treatable disease.

Learn about specialized treatment programs for first responders on our dedicated website.

Addiction to alcohol and drugs can strike regardless of age, sex, economic circumstance, cultural background, genetic history or environment. Yet, we have a cultural expectation that certain people will be clean, sober and in control. This assumption is particularly true for those in law enforcement, firefighting, and other emergency-response fields.

First Responders take on some of the most stressful and dangerous situations in modern life. They are the ones with the answers and the solutions and who are always expected to be in control. But when they can’t control their drinking or drug use, asking for help may seem like it isn’t even an option. If left hidden, these problems can become overwhelming and the situation can feel hopeless.

The First Responders Addiction Treatment Program treats alcoholism and other dependencies, as well as trauma and PTSD. We understand what you’ve been through and there is hope. Whether you are active duty or retired, FRAT can help.

With an active-duty officer at the helm, FRAT helps first responders get back on their feet. You can conquer addiction and return to family and community as a respected professional with this treatment program that serves the particular needs of first responders and combat veterans.

Call FRAT First. We are available 24/7.


What We Do

  • Phone consultations with departments, EAPs, family members and individuals considering treatment
  • Detailed assessments to determine the best level of care, ranging from detox and inpatient rehab to outpatient therapy
  • 21- to 28-day residential substance abuse treatment (housing with other First Responders, use of a physical fitness center, store located on the campus)
  • First Responder family support groups
  • Specialized educational programming developed to fit the distinct needs of First Responders
  • Peer and alumni support groups three times per week
  • First Responder 12-step meetings
  • Return-to-work services
  • First Responder outpatient services — with flexible schedules to accommodate changing shifts and low, standard copay because we believe there should be no barrier to the First Responder seeking drug addiction help
  • Alumni mentorship opportunities
  • Educational seminars, workshops and guest speakers
  • Sober events for First Responders and their families
  • Free intervention services
  • Speakers’ Services — focusing on alcoholism, PTSD, crisis intervention, peer support, suicide prevention and many others

Who We Are

  • Active and retired first responders with backgrounds in peer support, peer counseling, employee assistance, and crisis intervention
  • Clinical therapists who have years of training and experience working solely with First Responders
  • The area’s largest Alumni and Peer Support Network for First Responders in addiction recovery