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Gambling Addiction Help

Many millions in the U.S. have pathological gambling or problem gambling issues. Livengrin offers rehab for gamblers.

Mood Altering

Although no substance is ingested, the problem gambler experiences the same effect from gambling as someone using drugs or alcohol. Gambling alters the person’s mood and compulsive gamblers seek to repeat the behavior in an attempt to achieve the same effect. But just as tolerance develops to drugs or alcohol, the gambler finds that it takes more and more of the gambling experience to achieve the same emotional effect as before.

It is not uncommon for people in recovery from substance abuse to turn to other addictive patterns such as gambling. While gambling can in itself be devastating, the addiction can also lead to a return to substance use.

Gambling Counselors

Livengrin has Level 1 and/or Level 2 certified gambling counselors on staff at six locations across the region. These counselors can help those who think they or a loved one has problems with gambling.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

  • Financial problems
  • Emotional disconnect from loved ones
  • Missed work and personal obligations

Program Overview

  • Compulsive gambling treatment with counselors who have specific training in problem gambling
  • One-on-one and group counseling offered in a professional/confidential setting
  • Supports for the gambler and the families of the gambler
  • Supports for uninsured and under insured patients
  • Support with self-exclusion

Reasons to Contact Livengrin

  • You or your loved one feel that your gambling is out of control.
  • More and more time and/or money are spent on your gambling.
  • You chase losses or return to recoup monies lost.
  • Your gambling is causing personal, emotional, financial, or occupational stress.
  • You feel the need to use drugs or alcohol to cope.

Problem Gamblers: Do not meet the full diagnostic criteria for pathological gambling, but meet one or more of the criteria.

Relapse: Gambling can cause those with a substance abuse history to back slide.

Reach Out: Livengrin helps gamblers. Talk to one of our counselors now.

Men and women, 18-60 in the following groups:

  • Substance Use Disorder and co-occuring mental health disorders
  • First responders and veterans
  • Healthcare professionals

Men and women, 18-26 who have numerous treatment experiences with AMICare.

Call an intake counselor to find out about your coverage and benefits – 800.245.4746. Or fill out the Livengrin Verification Form. Even if you or your loved one is not ready to come in, it’s good to start the planning process. We can help you learn what your plan will cover, your deductible balance, and any other out of pocket expenses. Livengrin can also help you find resources to obtain coverage or funding, through county, Medicaid, or even commercial insurance. Livengrin is an "in-network" provider with most major commercial insurance plans.

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“My online gambling was completely out of control. Livengrin counseling helped me deal with my destructive addiction.”

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BY THE NUMBERS: Two million (1%) of U.S. adults are estimated to meet criteria for pathological gambling in a given year. (PA Council on Gambling Addiction)
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