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On this day of Giving Tuesday, we think about how we give back to the community. Please read Veronica’s story of overcoming and how she gives back!



My 50 years of drinking included more blackouts than I care to remember. I hope and pray that I never forget any of the details of my last drink.

My hurtful participation in gossip presented me with my ongoing fears that I thought only alcohol could subdue. My last drink, was with a 5 liter container of wine starting at noon and ending with an empty box and blacking out once again. The drinking did not help with my feelings of remorse so I told God that if he got me out of this one I would never do it again. Instead God listened to that plan, laughed and then did it his way. Awakening to my last hangover, I saw my medical insurance card next to a scribbled and barely legible list of area rehabs written the night before. I began where I left off with my search and found 2 acceptable contenders. Without much conversation, my insurance was checked and I was quickly given an admission date. I then called AA and was directed to a beginners meeting and continued each day with a meeting and without a drink. Before I knew it I was contacted by the treatment center asking how I was and I proudly informed them of my AA participation and 4 days sober. The tech then informed me that insurance would not pay for inpatient care for one that is not alcoholic but was a binge drinker. The call ended and I immediately thought of what I heard at my recent meetings – Don’t drink, phone a friend. I started calling the names on my beginners’ packet until I heard a voice. It was Shannon. She begged me not to drink and told me about her positive rehab experience with Livengrin. I made that call and was able to keep my planned admission date at the Bensalem location.

When I entered Livengrin I was starting to feel better since I got what I wanted. This place was going to get me to stop drinking. Then I learned about the daily schedule that started with an abrupt wake up at 5:30 am and roll call. Are you kidding me? Who wants to get up that early, make the bed and have breakfast? I am not even hungry. Oh no, I think I have to do it their way. It was, of course, the structure and responsibility that I needed in my life. No more doing things my way. A little open mindedness took place. The Big Book has taught me that I wake up an alcoholic every morning. Today, I go for my Attitude Adjustment first thing, and the earlier the better. What a way to start my day!

Although the Big Book mentions nothing about doing a 90/90, my favorite staff techs recommended this.

Because I wanted what they had, I decided to try it. After all, it was just a suggestion. I really think it is a trick. Because I am an addict, they know I am addicted to everything I like in life. It is an allergy to alcohol with the disease of more. So here I am, 16 months later, still going to meetings, making other service commitments in order to stay sober. I stay active in the fellowship of AA because I want to help others just like others help me. It was really a fabulous feeling to get my one year coin because then I was able to do any service that I chose to do and I am so grateful to God for showing me the way.

Now I want to say something about my favorite coin that I proudly display on my keychain. It is the 2016 Livengrin 50 year anniversary coin of helping others like me. It also symbolizes my 50 years of taking that first drink and then the drink taking me. I don’t ever want to go back there.

I thank God for putting Shannon in my life as his channel, the newcomer that hesitated to put her name and number on paper because she had less than 30 days. It is a lessoned learned for me that it does not matter how much time one has but that we all have each other.

With every chance that I have, I return to Livengrin to do my best to be a part of other’s new recovery. I try to gove back what was freely given to me!

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