A focused addiction treatment program for nurses.

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Because they are trained and educated in both the science and the art of caring for others, nurses and other health care professionals are often expected by the public (and themselves) to be immune to the same issues and susceptibilities as others. Yet, they are just as human, just as vulnerable and complex as any group in the community.

Expectations from others, inside and outside of this particular group, can often place added barriers to recognizing the disease of addiction and accessing adequate treatment. This compounds the consequences and impact of chemical misuse, abuse and dependency.

Watch this informative, reassuring video to learn about Livengrin’s people, services and approach to treatment for nurses with alcohol and drug problems.

Nurses Lifeline targets our attention to needs that are specific to nursing students, nurses and substance abuse. The program includes a separate treatment regimen at the Bensalem campus, including sleeping quarters in a historic carriage house.

It’s designed for both those affected by an addiction exacerbated by their proximity to medications of all kinds, and patients dealing with a personal problem off the job. Foundation staff members receive focused training regarding the unique needs (and workplace circumstances) of health care professionals. Experienced nurses already employed on our administrative and clinical staffs are involved.

It’s a setting in which a patient can find encouragement from others in the “same life” to share experiences and learn new ways to approach that life and its many stresses. Patients will find assistance with return-to-work preparation and in developing relationships with external support and monitoring groups.

For help, assessments, an opening conversation or other information, call toll-free: 1-855-427-9990