Livengrin provides residential rehabilitation to drug and alcohol addicted individuals.

For many undergoing addiction treatment, the stability and structure of a residential program can be most beneficial.

A temporary separation from family, job and the routine of daily life promotes health and recovery for someone undergoing addiction treatment. This can be achieved with a stay for up to four weeks at our quiet campus in Bensalem, just outside Philadelphia in Bucks County, PA.

In many cases, the patient will be in alcohol or drug rehab for up to 28 days, a period of effective treatment that is part of our model.

A patient’s day is scheduled with a combination of structured sessions and personal time. There are lectures for the entire community, and small therapy groups, where the sharing of experiences and emotions lets everyone know they’re not alone as they tackle alcohol and drug rehab. There are also focus groups aimed specifically at addressing common obstacles and problems such as trauma, grief and loss, and many others.

With individual and group counseling, life-skills training, 12-step meetings and balanced nutrition, one learns about making better choices. Drug and alcohol rehab patients will utilize our landmark Hansell Hall, a general meeting room and central intersection of patient activity. Hansell is used for reading, meditation and personal journal work, video presentations and social time. Lectures and community meetings take place in Shanahan Hall.

The campus includes recreational areas, laundry facilities and the patient store. The dining room offers a choice of menu options for each meal, supervised by certified nutritionists.

Call us 24/7 toll free for more information or admissions availability: 1-800-245-4746

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